Triple Clicks – Better Then Ebay

Triple Clicks – Better Then Ebay

Article by Simon

Triple Clicks – Better then Ebay

Fees, Fees, Fees, Something you may hear a lot on the Ebay platform. Its much like taxes, we all hate them, but we have to pay them. Its something over the last few years which has really put me of selling items on eBay.

Don’t get me wrong ebay is great platform to trade, and probably will continue to lead. But there is always a solution to ones problems…Triple Clicks. A great new Platform to Trade For FREE. Yes it’s Free to list items on the Triple Clicks Website, something which drove me to this site in the first place. But here are some reasons why Triple Clicks is a more a simple and easy centre to Auction, Sell or Buy the products you desire

*We don’t Believe you should be robbed in plain daylight over ridiculous fees, At Triple Clicks, we don’t surprise you. There are no invisible Fees, Its Free to list your item, once sales are used to browse the market place theirs only ‘small nominal fee’ to transfer your proceedings, that’s about it.

*A huge marketplace of 27,000 products.A wide variety of products including Arts & Crafts,Beauty & Fragrance,Books,Business, Computers,Education,Electronics,Financial Services,Food & Beverage, Gifts & Flowers,Health & Nutrition,Home & Garden,Jewellery, Entertainment, Magazines,Miscellaneous, Movies, Music & Games, Personal Care,Pet Care, Phone & Technology Services,Real Estate, Romance; Sports & Outdoors; Tools & Automotive, Toys,Kids & Baby, Travel and much much more.

*Thousands of Employees working for us are on the world wide web promoting your product to widest audience possible, attracting floods of consumers to view your product from an ocean of external sources.*’Penny Auctions’ – Just how its written, some great valued high selling products such as ipods are being sold for a few dollars as Pennies are used to up the anti on a bid.

*SFI is the main body which operates TC; joining Triple Clicks will give your automatic access to this site, allowing you to make money of every customer you refer. You can earn up to 72% from sales from that person you referred. More on SFI Commisions Benefits.

*Uses Over 50 Payment Methods including Paypal and Major Credit Cards, so the transfer of your money is safe, quick and simple.

So, what is Triple Clicks?..A brand new reliable way to trade online securely, promptly and with the ease of huge range of products being added every day. What are you waiting for Sign up for Free and Shop whilst the SALE lasts.


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