Best Tropical Plants for the Home

Tropical plants add a touch of exoticism to every room of the house. Some plants do not even require warm temperatures to live happily indoors. The list below depicts some of the most common tropical plants that you might want to adopt.

Amazon Elephant’s Ear

These plants, even though they are quite common, are very noticeable and have an almost noble aspect. The plant’s large and arrow-shaped leaves have silver ribs. These plants are quite easy to grow indoors and their wonderful foliage provides for great displays.


These flowers are highly prized and add a touch of tropical class to every room. These plants are quite challenging to take care of though. However, the results are amazing. These flowers come in different colors from red to pink and white.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is quite arguably the ultimate tropical plant. The colors that the plant displays have become symbols to several tropical countries and institutions. These plants are quite easy to grow indoors, contrary to what people might think.


These bold and colorful flowers can also be considered as the ultimate symbol of the tropics, especially to those who have been to Hawaii. The plant offers a large selection of leaf colors and would provide a bold accent to your home.


These plants are very easy to grow and adapt quickly to pots. These plants are also very lenient and less demanding in terms of care.


The ficus is fussy to grow but it is the ultimate american houseplant. When taken care of properly, the result would surely suit the effort.