Budget Patio Design Tips

budget-patio-designsYou can make a lot happen on a reasonably small budget if you know how to apply your money, and you’re willing to do some of the work yourself. The good news is, there are shortcuts to revamping the patio. With this advice, your patio will be ready for fall and spring.

The Firepit – Fall Idea

Everyone loves a fire pit, especially on a cold night. Something about a roaring fire is not only romantic, it’s warm and inspiring. Several home improvement stores offer fire bowls, which are basically above ground fire pits with a metal bowl designed to hold the burning wood. Some come with small stones meant to help the fire burn better, but those can add to your budget unnecessarily. In most cases, all you need is a fire starter, some logs and custom cushions to make the furniture comfy.

You can build a simple wood bench out of some boards, and cover it with upholstery foam from Canada. You can also repurpose old patio furniture with new cushions for a fresh look.

Spring Means Barbecues

Spring time also means barbecues, and nothing sets the stage quite like a patio table and a nice umbrella. The bulk of your money in this build should go to improving existing furnishings, or purchasing the wood you need to make new furniture. Build two simple wood benches, then use foam from Canada to make the cushions. You can even order the foam custom cut to the dimensions of the bench you plan to build.

Just remember the golden rule of furniture making: measure twice and cut once.

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