How to tidy your garden

homegardenadvicesMost people think that maintaining a beautiful tidy garden is not achievable and very time-consuming. However, by following the simple tips below, anyone can achieve a beautiful garden that is magazine worthy.

Your garden equipment – You will need basic garden equipment, such as garden gloves, shovel, shears, spade, rake, lawn mower, weed killer etc. It is best to store these in your garage on a shelf that is easily accessible. You can leave all large equipment against a wall or install a rack that can be attached to the wall. You can buy fertilizer when needed or you can buy fertilizer bags and place it in a corner in your garage.

Leaf patrol – It is best to clean out your leaves once a day to ensure your garden is tidy. Use a rake or a leaf blower.

Mow your lawn – Mowing your lawn will not only drastically improve the look of your garden, it will also be a good workout. For a lawn design, turn your mower each time you mow a row.

Put slug pellets on your vegetation/plants – Slugs are the enemy and can halt the growth of your plants. It is best to use environmentally friendly pellets, as they are less damaging to your plants.

Kill any weeds – Weeds can make your garden look untidy. As soon as you see them it is best to uproot them and add some weed killer to your soil.