Designing a Back Porch and Lounge Space

sundeckThe backyard is one of the most relaxing spaces for a breezy summer afternoon. Upgrades to the backyard don’t have to be expensive depending on when you make your purchase, and they can add a lot of sale value to the house if you keep up with your maintenance. Use these tips to ensure you have the storage, furniture and hardware you need to have a beautiful and relaxing backyard.

Storage and Furniture

Patio storage is just as crucial as good furniture that will last all year round. Something made of a thick plastic will be durable and able to handle the effects of weather all year long. If you have a pool, make sure the trunk is big enough to fit all of your pool supplies. You can also store cushions and towels in there. Wicker furniture pairs well with solid-wood stands, so you’ll have more places to keep smaller items like lighters for the barbecue.


A French-style door allows greater access to the backyard than a standard sliding glass. When paired with a screen, a French door can also let in the breeze and improve air flow in the home. Consider adding a solar screen to the patio door if you want to block out some of the sun’s rays, helpful in drier parts of the country.


Potted plants make for great accessories around the yard that can truly compliment your furniture. You might also consider building a barbecue area, or just prepping a barbecue area where you can grill comfortably.

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