Encouraging “Safety First” on Your Construction Project

contrucition & safety

Written by: Lyle Charles

Anyone who has worked construction knows that safety first is the key to completing a solid day’s worth of work, and returning to work again tomorrow. Unfortunately, construction is a business run on deadlines and it’s not always easy to observe every safety protocol in the moment. That kind of thinking causes accidents. Lyle Charles Consulting offers tips on working with your crew to bring home the point that safety saves lives and money.


Construction sites typically involve ladders, scaffolding and other higher platforms. Always have someone in attendance, check the ladder for stability and use harnesses as appropriate. Plan for a small delay in work as workers get into a harness. You may also require a lift attached to the building that transports personnel and material safely. Make sure this lift is outfitted with a guard rail.

Reaction Times

The most important thing to do during an accident is to respond appropriately and quickly to the scene. Have a first-aid kit standing by, especially if you’re in a remote area. A construction claims expert will likely review your safety protocols looking for holes in your response plans, so it’s important to document everything that happened. Keep records of the accident, personnel involved, delays caused and anything else related to the claim.


Before a dispute ever gets to construction claims management, try gamifying some of the safety tips listed here. Provide financial incentives for employees who show exemplary safety standards, and those who go out of their way to work efficiently and safely. After all, safety is an excellent mechanism for saving money on your construction project.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a construction consultant specializing in claims and mediation.