Gift Ideas for New Home Owners

Written by: BeddingStyle

When someone purchases a new home, there are tons of unanticipated costs. Aside from the costs of fixing up the property, there may be new furniture or missing pieces for the house. The bedroom is easy to neglect too, especially when the new owners are focused on unpacking and making the place look “lived in.” Aside from modern bedding, here are a few other ideas for gifts to give new home owners.

Handy Book

A manual for the home is always a welcome gift idea. There are subscriptions available to home improvement magazines, or big books with craft projects for the home. Small jobs like laying tile, recarpeting or applying moulding can be done without professional aid to save money. A good manual will cover common problems from all over the house, from leaks in the kitchen to the basics of repainting a home. Look for guides that have a recommended tool set as well, it’s good to know what one should have on hand to make most repairs.

Coffee Mugs

The ubiquitous coffee mug is always a great gift for the home, and there are so many styles to choose from. Have the home owners names engraved on the cup, or use their pictures to create a sillohuette. Coffee gift sets with little tea bags are also a nice compliment. Help the home owners enjoy their first weekend in the new home with some delicious and refreshing beverages.


A bed in a bag can provide everything new home owners need to get the bedroom together. Sets come with quilts, pillow cases, sheets and everything else one would need to make the bed. A small basket for the foot of the bed is another great gift, especially if it has a door like a chest for storing extra towels or blankets.

A set of duvet covers can also help provide a bit of extra heat in the winter. Duvet covers also help set the mood of the room, and can fit in with the aesthetic of the space. If you don’t know the style of the bedroom, consider a gift card or a trip to the home before you buy.

Door Mat

A door mate with the initials of the home owners is a nice gesture. It’s a piece of the home that is easy to overlook, but it can really turn a house into a living space. The best part is that you don’t have to go designer or get something fancy. Something small and from the heart will fit the bill perfectly.


There is always room for more wine, or a new wine fridge. Give the new home owners something they can celebrate with, or use to relax and have a good time. A fire pit is another great gift idea that is relatively inexpensive. It will provide a centerpiece for the back yard, giving everyone a reason to gather around and share stories.