Home and Garden Lighting – Light Up Your World

Home and Garden Lighting – Light Up Your World

Article by Duncan Munday

There’s nothing more wonderful than buying a beautiful new house that has a delightful garden, it’s a dream that almost everyone is hoping for and provides an opportunity to illuminate your home with attractive fittings.

Owning a house and also a garden should be coupled with a high standard of home and garden lighting. There are numerous forms of home lighting you could opt for so you could have all of your property lit without it costing an absolute fortune.

There are many options for ceiling lighting which can be in the form of downlights and chandeliers. Ceiling lights might be semi-flush, flush or pendant. For the chandeliers, you could have them in several styles from contemporary to classic elegance with an assorted number of lights and a variety of finishes from chrome to bronze and even gold plate. Every part of your house can also be lit with home and garden lighting, there are floor lights, table lamps, desk lamps, picture lights, spot lights and clip on lights, the choice is endless.

For garden lighting, you might have your back garden illuminated with lamp posts, porch lights, post top lights, and bollard lights. These are placed in a higher location in order to light a wider part of your garden which will also provide added security to your property. In addition there are light fixtures which are placed on the walls such as bulkhead lights, floodlights, brick lights and soffit lights and not forgetting the driveway area with drive over lights and spike lights for the drive borders. If you are lucky enough to have a pond, then, pond lights make a very attractive feature.

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