How To Choose The Right Outdoor Christmas Lights For Your Home And Garden

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Christmas Lights For Your Home And Garden

Article by Kathryn Dawson

In most functions and gatherings like weddings for example, event lights are one of the decorations that are always included. Just like during Christmas, outdoor Christmas lights as well as indoor ones always grace homes and establishments. There are string lights which serve as outdoor and decorations at the same time.

The right kind of lighting can easily make or break any celebration or gathering. Imagine a party with only plain white lights which are overly bright. It definitely is not the kind of lighting you would like to have. This also goes the same for weddings which have multicoloured blinking lights. Choosing the right kind of lights for your event, celebration, or even Christmas is a must. This article takes a closer look at the right way to choose outdoor which you can use for your home and even your garden.

Where You Are Going to Place the LightsWhere you are going to place your outdoor lighting is an important thing to keep in mind whenever you are out to buy Christmas lights. Where you decide the lights will be placed will help you decide on what kind of lights to get. For instance, net lights are a great choice if you intend to place Christmas light over your windows or roof. For light which you want to drape over trees or in between trees, string lights are your best choice. There are also LED lights to choose from which saves you a lot of electricity and also lasts a very long time. Where you are going to place your light is one of the things you need to keep in mind constantly when choosing outdoor.

The Kind of Lights to BuyNot every home is equipped with wall sockets on every corner, and some people are not too excited about the sight of extension cords all over their place whenever they turn on Christmas lights. So for outdoor lights, consider getting battery operated ones. These are very low maintenance and only require a simple switch of the button for you to begin enjoying their twinkling lights. You do not have to worry about running an extension cord indoors just to reach the power socket either. Simply plug in the required battery size and you are all set.

Colours and Styles to Choose FromAnother thing to keep in mind when choosing outdoor lights is the colour and style of the lights you will purchase. This is important especially if you want your outdoor decoration to match your indoor decorations and lighting as well. Red and green are the traditional Christmas colours, and there are plenty of lights available that come in this combination. However, if you are interested in achieving a more modern look, lights in a combination of white and blue give a more modern but still Christmas look.

Frosted lights are also something you should consider, as this give, as its name suggests, a frosted or snowy ambiance to wherever it is placed. There are also blinking and steady lights to choose from, giving you plenty of options as to the styles and colours of outdoor Christmas to use.

Outdoor Safety for Christmas LightsDo not make the assumption that Christmas lights will work for both indoor and outdoor use. This is simply not the case. Each year, there are homes damaged because of faulty wiring and not to mention improper installation of outdoor lights. First of all, make sure that the lights you are purchasing have been tested and certified by a reputable testing organization and have been deemed safe for outdoor use. You should also check out outdoor which have fuses built in along the wires. Extension cords which have been rated safe for outdoor use are the only extension cords you should use whenever you need to plug in your Christmas lights outside. You should also never use nails, metal tacks, or anything of that sort to secure your outdoor Christmas lights. It is best to use insulated hooks. If you are unsure of how to do this, get a professional to install your lights for you.

Having outdoor christmas lights is definitely a great way for you to decorate your home. Bringing the festive mood outside your home and into your garden and plants makes the occasion all the more fun. Installing string lights between trees and getting event lights is also a great way to spice up any place for a gathering or event.

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