Growing Herbs Indoors

Herbs can be grown indoors, especially during winter. Even with the snow drifting outside, you will be able to add some fresh flavors to your meals. For an indoor herb growing project, you would not be needing special lights. These plants live well just by a bright window. These tips below might help you to rescue your herbs during winter and to plant them again when days are warmer.

Rooting a cutting

Several herbs such as thyme, sage, oregano and rosemary can be grown by planting a cutting from your existing outdoor plant. In order to do that, you could snip a section of about 4 inch. To plant the snip, strip it off its lower leaves and stick the stem into a mixture of perlite or vermiculite. You might want to keep a good level of humidity as well by cover with glass or plastic.

Transition to indoors

It might not be a good idea to just shift your plants from a cold temperature to the warmth of your home. Instead, start acting right before you start having the first frosts around fall when the weather is still mild. You can then transition your plants for a few weeks to a place where the temperature is quite cool such as a garage, an enclosed porch or an entryway. Once your plants are used to the warmer temperature, you would then be able to move them to your home. Choose an area that gets a good amount of sun. The plants should however be protected from too much heat and dryness.