How to Purchase Refurbished Golf Course Machinery

If you want a healthy and safe golf course, you will need to invest in quality golf course machinery and equipment. However, new equipment can be costly. Whether you need a new rough mower, green roller, or utility vehicle, just one piece of golf course machinery and equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Instead of paying so much for new equipment, consider buying pre-owned golf course machinery. Although previously owned and used, pre-owned equipment is more affordable than new equipment. And in many cases, a refurbished Sand Pro or mower can perform just as good as a new one. However, not all pre-owned equipment can be trusted. Before you invest in used equipment, consider the following tips on how to purchase pre-owned golf course equipment.

Check the inspection & service process. Make sure the retailer has a comprehensive inspection and service process. The goal of this process is to restore the unit to a more functional state. This means more than simply giving it a paint job or changing the fluids and filters. A complete refurbishing process involves disassembling the unit down to only the frame and engine. Why must everything be removed? Because, every part of the machine — such as the wheels, seats, body panels, and covers — must be fully removed and inspected to check for faulty and worn parts. Worn parts such as bearings, hoses, seals, and bushings must be inspected and replaced.

The exterior matters. After the machinery is ready from the inside, it must also be ready and esthetically pleasing on the outside. This means that the refurbishing process must also include the exterior of the unit, including new paint, grip tape, and decals.

Testing one, two, three. Another aspect of a complete refurbishing process should include testing. Just because a product has been completely disassembled and repaired doesn’t mean it will work properly. Make sure that the refurbishing process includes a testing period to make sure that it is 100% ready to use upon delivery.


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