Tea Light Holders for Home and Event Decoration

Tea Light Holders for Home and Event Decoration

Article by David Feltham

Tea light holders come in so many shapes and sizes that you can find almost anything you are looking for. They serve a variety of functions, and you can bet your backside you will be happy you have these the next time your power goes out in your home. Aside from that, they keep a nice ambience in the home, or at a special event, and with a few minor considerations they can be used safely and effectively indoors as well as out.

Uses for Tea Lights IndoorsIf you are using tea lights in the home you will need a good tea light holder to keep the tea lights off of surfaces that could be damaged by the product. I like them for romantic ambiance in the room if I make a fancy dinner for just me and my wife. They are nice in a bedroom when you don’t want pitch black and you don’t want a bulb shining right in your eye either. I love them in the bathroom for soaking in my tub, and I love giving guests in my guest room a nice relaxing atmosphere to enjoy their stay with us. Plus it is always great to have emergency lighting and while they are not the most functional things in the world, they do fit the bill if the power goes out.

Tea Lights OutdoorsRegardless of what you might think, you will still need a good tea light holder outdoors just like you would indoors. They keep the candles from getting wet and make them easier to scoop up and pack off with them when they are not in use. I especially like them in the garden, and will put them next to a hot tub for decoration purposes, my wife says they look great next to a bottle of wine out there, or on the patio is another great spot for them, up high where the kids can’t get into them. They are great for holidays, and pumpkins make fabulous tea light holders when you want something neat and festive on your doorstep. I like them in paper bags with faces cut out of the bag, but those you have to watch because they can catch fire somewhat easily if you’re not careful or they get knocked over. Do not let the kids get hold of them or they could get seriously burned as tea lights are small and can get much hotter than you would expect.

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