The best cushion fillings

foamfactory4Written by The Foam Factory

What sort of support do you want from your cushions? Are you looking for luxuriously squishy cushions? Or do you prefer something that is more supportive and firm? The only way you will know which type of filling you want is by trying them out. Visit a showroom and use the sofa just like you would at home and then make your choice. One useful bit of information is that softer fillings in cushions go better with coil spring bases and foam filling with fiber go better with a firm base.

Here are the main types of fillings used for cushions:

Duck feather – Probably the most luxurious filling you will ever find. It has a “sinking” feeling that gives you that sense of luxury while providing a decent amount of back support and durability. Also, duck feathers are naturally fire retardant. Some outlets use poultry feathers instead, but duck feather cushions feel far better. You could even use some level of duck feathers for seat cushions.

Foam – Typical foam is the most resilient and spring back to shape the fastest. There is a dry fast foam that is perfect for outdoor furniture cushions. The primary benefit with foam is that lack of maintenance required. Over time the foam will soften and provide a more comfortable seating.

Fiber – This 100% polyester fiber is non-allergenic and is ideal for anyone with dust-mite and other allergies. Fiber does not recover its shape as quickly as foam and requires a little plumping occasionally.


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