What is polystyrene insulation?

canada.foambymail3Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Insulation is an absolute necessity for every home, and there are dozens of options available on the market. These options range from recycled denim to polystyrene insulation. Each option has its advantage and disadvantages, with the best insulators all-natural. Let’s look at what polystyrene is along with its advantaged and disadvantages.

Polystyrene is a closed cell foam Canada that used for insulation in both homes and commercial properties. It is very rigid, unlike some other foam that people come across in everyday settings. The primary advantage is that polystyrene insulation can withstand extreme temperatures in both ends of the spectrum, making it ideal for keeping the hot in and cold out and vice versa. Also, it acts as a sound proofing material. Some manufacturers add a little concrete to the mix, making it impervious to insects while adding a little bit of weight.

There are only two disadvantages to using polystyrene insulation. The first is the cost. The materials to make polystyrene insulation are expensive on their own. The manufacturing process itself is also expensive. Combine the two, and you have an expensive product. It is known to account for as much as 10% of the construction cost of a home. It is so good that it will pay for itself over the lifetime of the home. The second disadvantage is that it is also flammable, which means that it requires expensive chemical treatment to prevent it from catching fire.


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