What You Need to Know About Vertical Gardening

There are several reasons why one should grow their own food. For one, you can save money but also eat vegetables and fruits that are not tainted by chemicals and pesticides.

In being able to do this successfully, one can also gain a sense of accomplishment too. Yet those who live in apartments or in homes with limited space might consider this to be an impossible dream.

homegardenadviceYet nothing can be further from the truth since ‘vertical gardening’ works just as well. It is perfect for those who have limited space where balconies or patios are a part of the living arrangement.

Of course, it isn’t new, by any means since the Mayans had already used this method to great effect. Simply put, it is that type of gardening that encourages plants to grow vertically instead of otherwise.

Probably, the most recognizable method is that of the ‘trellis’. Other methods include shelves, pockets, pallets and hanging baskets.

While shelves and hanging baskets are popular, the other two methods are just as simple to use. Pockets involves adding plants to bags made of burlap. Alternatively, the pallets method uses wooden shipping pallets that covers the sides and bottom with landscape fabric. Of course, plants and potting soil is filled within.

Initially, the pallets are placed horizontally but once the young plants grow roots, they are placed vertically. One thing to keep in mind is that pallets can leach toxic chemicals so one must be careful using those that are clean.

Ultimately, the success of this type of garden depends on the type of plants you choose as some are more suited to this technique than others. Sunlight is a major factor that one has to take into consideration too.

Last but not the least, there is nothing complex about this technique and often has more benefits than traditional gardening. This should tell you enough to consider creating a vertical garden of your own.